Testimonial for PMSI GI physicians.

"I was at the facility yesterday for my 3rd colonoscopy. I am technically Dr. Deborah Fleischer's patient, but I received excellent care from Dr. Hameed. Everyone I came in contact with was amazing. I get a colonoscopy every 3 years due to family history and my own issues. Two out of three of my procedures have involved the removal of polyps. I am so grateful to be able to get the screening done to take care of these things. It is so important. I watched my paternal grandfather die from colon cancer. I hope patients really understand the importance and ease of these screenings. 

--Heather DeNardo


Testimonial for Dr. Kenneth Bingener and PMSI's Diabetic Educator, Debbie Zlomek RN, CDE, CPT.

"In June of 2013 I started on a new chapter in my life - one that I hadn’t anticipated in the least.  Early in the month I had blood work done in preparation for a semiannual checkup with my cardiologist.  During my visit with him I was advised that my A1C level - 15.2 at the time - placed me in a dangerous position.  He advised me to see my personal physician immediately and gave me my first glucose meter. To say that I was nervous would be a major understatement.  What had I done to myself?  Was I in a position I couldn’t reverse?"  Click here to read more....


Testimonial for PMSI's Diabetic Educator, Debbie Zlomek RN, CDE, CPT.

"I really appreciated Debbie's encouragement and supplemental materials she has provided me. I will try to make good use of your suggestion and knowing that I can contact you with questions/concerns will also keep me on track for more consistent management. I really value good patient care and you take the time to listen without being judgmental which is very important in chronic illnesses. I have been to several health care practitioners over the years that had a set treatment plan and that was it. I did not have an opportunity to explain my situation or ask questions. So far my experiences with PMSI have been excellent. Your dedication to your clients is commendable!"



Testimonial for Bally Medical Group

“I am a patient at Bally Medical, where I receive the best care ever. I see Dr. Harrison and he is one of the most caring, loving doctors there is. I have been through a long road of illness. I truly believe that if it had not been for him and the knowledge of medicine and the belief that his patients matter, I would not be here today. If you want to be treated like a human being, Bally Medical is the medical office to go to. The staff is awesome too.”